Technology in the Classroom

Transforming Learning Everywhere

HWDSB is not engaged in a technology project; rather, we are engaged in a process to enhance instruction, to invite students to engage in rich learning tasks and to rely on student voice to drive the learning environment in classrooms and through technology.


Classroom Blogs

Classroom blogs provide students with an authentic, collaborative learning opportunity and exposes them to a wider interactive audience allowing for reflection and feedback. Blogs also help to increase the engagement of the parent community.

Steps to blogging:

  • Reading blogs – allows students to understand how blogs operate and the potential they hold in relationship to learning;
  • Digital Citizenship – through blogging, students receive exposure to such things as; internet safety, appropriate digital footprints, and plagiarism;
  • Commenting – skimming comments allows learners to determine the characteristics of quality comments, in addition to understanding diverse perspectives and constructive criticism; and
  • Writing – good posts contain quality content (both traditional and innovative) with an additional focus on the logistics of digital writing such as hyperlinking, embedding, media, tagging (categorization), etc.
Blended Learning (D2L – The Hub)


 What is an e-portfolio?  

E-portfolio is an electronic format for learners to record their work, their achievements and goals, to reflect on their learning, and to share and be supported in this.

Why use e-portfolios? 
  • e-portfolios effectively reflect the learning PROCESS;
  • technology enables the use of a range of media – video, sound and images – as well as text to show both the LEARNING PROCESS and FINAL PRODUCTS;
  • encourages and facilitates the learner’s support NETWORK to participate and provide feedback on their learning;
  • the quality, not just the quantity, of feedback is enhanced and facilitated via social mediums;
  • e-portfolios assists students to take increasing responsibility for their own learning. It encourages and enables the process of REFLECTION, SELF-EVALUATION, and ACTION PLANNING as a process for lifelong learning;
  • e-portfolio develops skills and approaches to learning; and
  • students can carry their e-portfolio throughout their learning journey and use it to record, assess, evaluate, and reflect at any time.





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